Assessment Center

The South Carolina State University Assessment Center is dedicated to providing proctoring services to facilitate and support student success by providing examinations and resources to assist academic and professional development both internally to our students and externally to the Orangeburg community, including surrounding areas. The Assessment Center is committed to adhering to best practices in administering examinations as outlined by the National College Testing Association’s (NCTA) Standards and Guidelines.

The Assessment Center further supports the University’s mission to “inspire greatness” by:

  • Providing exceptional customer service to students, faculty, staff, vendors and the community.
  • Safeguarding the confidentiality of information/records of test-takers.
  • Creating and maintaining an optimal testing environment
  • Referring students and other examinees to appropriate resources for test preparation
  • Providing proctoring services for:
    • students at SC State University
    • initial course placement at SC State University
    • college admissions or entrance exams and professional certifications

Phone: 803-533-3996

Student Responsibilities

  • Be courteous at all times.
  • Display a valid picture ID (SCSU ID, driver’s license, military ID, passport, or other state or federal government issued ID card – or students may come to the Assessment Center accompanied by an instructor who verifies the student’s identity) upon signing in.
  • Be courteous at all times.
  • Students MUST provide the course name and number and the instructor’s name for each test they take upon signing in.
  • Students must place the approved ID in the labeled area (ID Must Be Placed Here During Testing) indication on the lower right-hand side of the flat CPU) after being seated at the assigned computer designated by the proctor.
  • If you experience hardware or software problems or distractions that affect your ability to take the assessment, notify the administrator immediately by raising your hand. If you have other questions or concerns, raise your hand and the administrator will assist you as long as other candidates are not disturbed. The administrator cannot answer questions related to assessment content.
  • PROHIBITED ITEMS in the testing center include cellular phones, or other electronic devices, pagers, watches, wallets, purses, hats, bags, coats, food or drinks. Lockers are available to store small personal items such as keys, wallets, cell phones, watches, headphones, etc… Books and book bags are not allowed in the assessment center and may be place in an unsecured, designated area outside the assessment center. The assessment center is not responsible for lost, stolen or misplaced personal items.
  • No notes, books, dictionaries, or calculators are allowed in the testing room unless specified on the Test Cover Sheet submitted by your instructor.
  • Scratch pads/markers will be provided if specified on the Test Cover Sheet submitted by your instructor.
  • If you do not adhere to the rules listed about, if you tamper with the computer or if you are suspected of cheating, appropriate action will be taken. This may include invalidation of your assessment results.
  • No appointments necessary.
  • If you have a disability that prevents you from testing under standard conditions, please contact the Student Resources Dept to discuss your situation.
  • Closing times are strictly enforced. Please be aware of our hours and note testing must be complete by closing. Please note: The Assessment Center will not begin any new test session 30 minutes prior to closing time (less than 30 questions only).
  • Students using the Assessment Center need to use the Memorandum of Understanding.