Logging into Blackboard

Students will access the SCSU apps page using the username/password given by the University. Log into the SC State Apps page and click on the Blackboard Logo.

  1. The My Institution Page or Home Page is the first thing you will see after you successfully sign into Blackboard. You can access your courses on the right-hand side or along the top menu.

My Announcements

Links to posted announcements in your courses.

My Courses

A list of courses you are enrolled in for the semester. Select the course name to access that course in Blackboard.

Course Navigation

  1. The course menu (on the left side of the screen) is where you will navigate within your course.
  2. This menu is the access point for all course content. Instructors will control which links appear. Remember that it is very important to look out for important information and to get familiar with the course menu.

Note: The course menu may be different for each class however, you should click on each tab to get familiar with the information in each menu item. For example: Your “syllabus” is an important document that outlines important information about the course.