5 Tips for Being a Successful Online and Remote Learner at SC State University

Stay Organized

  • Designate certain hours each week for reading, completing assignments, attending lectures, and studying.
  • Make sure you read and know your course syllabus. Printing your syllabus out can help as it allows you to mark off assignments that you have completed and lets you highlight the ones that will be due soon.
  • Prioritize your work.
  • Try not to Procrastinate! Try not to schedule time to work on the course too close to the due dates. If possible, try to work a little ahead to count for any possible technical difficulties with your personal computer or Blackboard.

Ask for Help

  • Email, call, or setup a virtual meeting with your instructor.
  • If you are having issues with Blackboard, call 1 (844) 348-1608.
  • For Bulldog Connection issues email helpme@scsu.edu or call 803.516.4874

Manage Your Environment

  • Find a space that is comfortable and allows you to focus.
  • Put your phone away or on Due Not Disturb while studying and completing assignments.
  • Have a clock nearby as a tool for motivation. It is important to manage your time and having a clock can help you stay focused.

Communicate Often

  • Check your SCSU email account multiple times each day.
  • Communicate with your instructor. Email your instructor and sign up for virtual office hours.


  • Take care of yourself by getting proper rest and nutrition.
  • Stay positive
  • Stay in contact with you peers, family, and friends.
  • Remember you are not alone – your Bulldog community is here to assist!!

Technology Tips for Online and Remote Learning

1. Use COrrect Browsers

As a SCSU student we recommend using Chrome**36+ and Firefox**31+ for the best Blackboard Learn experience.

2. Download blackboard mobile app

Students can use the Blackboard App to fully engage in digital learning right in the palm of their hands!

3. computer requirements

Your computer should have at least 4GB of RAM and Windows 7 or Mac OS 10.5 or higher.

4. Recommended software

Java 7 or higher, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Microsoft Office 365.

5. Save Your Work

Always use a backup method when saving your work.